Activating Lottery Tickets
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Similar to the lottery terminal, prior to putting the games up for sale, you must activate the games in PDI CStore Essentials so the game can be subtracted from your inventory and added to your daily readings log. You can activate games from your desktop computer at the store or from your PDI CStore Essentials mobile app.

To activate from your stores computer

 Note: game has to be confirmed in your system prior to being activated to learn to confirm games click here.

  1. Log into your PDI CStore Essentials account

  2. Go to Lottery/Lotto -> Activate. [?]

  3. Select the activation date

  4. Enter the slot number the game is going to placed in, the game number, pack number and click on Activate this pack button. [?]
    ​ Note: if you have a USB bar code scanner attached to your back office computer, you can scan the long codes on the ticket.

  5. Repeat step 4 to activate more games. Once done click on the Finish button

Option 2: From the PDI CStore Essentials mobile app.

In order to scan lottery from the mobile app, the user will need owner or lottery access on the mobile app. To give access login to your PDI CStore Essentials account, click on Manage Account -> Users, find the user and click on the details icon to give the appropriate access.

  1. Log into your PDI CStore Essentials Mobile app

  2. Click on the menu icon on the top left

  3. Select Lottery/Scratch-Off -> Pack Activation. [?]

  4. Select the activation date

  5. Using the camera on your mobile app, scan the long code on the lottery ticket to activate the pack. [?]

  6. Repeat step 4 to activate more games. Once done, simply exit from the screen.

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