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Automatic Retailing or Single Category Retailing
Automatic Retailing or Single Category Retailing
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

Automatic Retailing or Single category retailing

Automatic category invoice will be will retailed at a pre-determined margin. This is recommended for vendors who provide inventory that falls under one category. For example Coca Cola; they only sell us soda or drinks, which will always retail under beverage or drinks category.

1.Go to Grocery > Purchases > Vendors. Find the vendor and click on the edit (pencil) button.

2.Under retailing type, select “ By preset margin”, Select “ Preset Category” and enter “ Margin”.

Note: Margin can be the best estimate you plan to set on the items.

3.Go to Price Book > Purchases > Invoice. Click on “ +” to add the invoice, Select the Date, Vendor, enter the Purchase cost and click on Add Invoice. This will automatically retail the invoice at category level.

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