Add items from Central Price Book
Written by Roman c Arguello
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  1. Log in to CStorePro account, go to Central Price book -> Items. Click on the “+” or “Add New” to add items.

2. Enter the scan code and click on the "Find" button.

Note: Include all the digits, the leading small number and trailing small number at the end. If the item already exist in your database, all the information on the item will be displayed (i.e. department, retail price, tax, etc.).

3.Assign department, tax type, and retail price. Note: other fields optional and not required.

4.Click on “Add to selected stores” to pick specific stores to send the price changes to or click on “Add to all stores” to send it to all the stores.

Note: To add more items, click on the “Create another” check box next to add item and repeat Step 2-4.

5.Once done adding the items, go to Central Price book -> Send to POS and click on the bag icon to send changes to register.

6.Give it 2 minutes for price changes to go through.

Note: System will push it register in a few minutes. For Ruby and Sapphire sites, you will need to log off and log in for the changes to take effect.

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