Installation for Gilbarco Passport
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Step 1: Make the physical connection

Note: You can skip this step if you already have a back office at your store

Step by Step instructions

What you need:

  1. Back Office Computer

  2. Passport POS System

  3. Ethernet Cat5 Cable [?]

  4. Ethernet Adapter [?]

Step 1: Plug in the Ethernet adapter to any available USB port on your Back Office computer and install the drivers [?]

Step 2: Plug one end of the Ethernet Cat5 cable into the Ethernet adapter [?]

Step 3: Plug in the other end of the Ethernet Cat5 cable to the Passport Router's "DMZ Port". [?]

Note: The router is usually a Linksys or Cisco unit. If the DMZ Port is taken, follow the cable and see if its plugged into a switch, if so, plug the PDI CStore Essentials Ethernet cable into any port on the switch. If there is no switch, you may need to purchase a switch to split the line.


Step 2: Configuring your POS register

Step by Step instructions

Step 1: Go your Passport register and log in to the highest level access. [?]

Step 2: Select the following tabs: Manager Workstation > Setup > Store > Back Office > Back Office Interface  [?]

Step 3: Click on the drop down menu labeled "Interface Format" and select "NACS XML v3.4".  [?]

Step 4: Under the tab "Document Generation" there are two columns, "Store Close" and "Shift Close", on the "Store Close" column click on all the rows. On the "Shift Close" column make sure nothing is selected. [?]

Step 5: Check mark three options under "Generation Options"  [?]

  1. Generate Transaction Level Detail (PJR)

  2. Generate Acknowledgement Files

  3. Drop UPC Check Digit

Step 6: Click on the "XML Gateway Polling Options" tab and check mark the option "Enable XML Gateway File Polling".

Then, enter the username and password along with the directory paths as followed: [?]

  • Username: BackOffice (capital B and capital O)

  • Password: BackOffice (capital B and capital O)

  • Directory Path to Pull XML Files From: Z:\BoOutBox\

  • Directory Path to Pull XML Files To: Z:\BoInBox\

Step 7: Select the "XML File Import Options" and select the option "The Back Office Sends a Value of 0 for the base item in the POSCodeModifier tag"  [?]

Step 8: Once you click on save, click OK on the top message, Yes on the second and Yes on the third. [?]

Step 9: When Done, you'll be directed back to the POS screen - otherwise click on POS screen and at this point you are done with the Passport Back Office settings

Step 3: Configure your back office computer

Note: You can skip this step if you already have an existing back office

Step by Step instructions

Step 1: On your Back Office PC, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Click on Change Adapter Settings [?]

Step 2: Right click on the Ethernet Adapter network and click on properties  [?]

Note: In the Adapter Settings screen, there are a list of networks, you should see your Ethernet Adapter plugged in [?]

Step 3: On the Properties window, select option Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click on properties [?]

Step 4: On the new Properties window select the option labeled as "Use the following IP address", and type the following information: [?]

  • IP address:

  • Subnet mask:

  • Default gateway:

Note: When done, click OK and close the windows, the new network will show up on the adapter, it means you are now connected to your Passport register. 

**Contact the Gilbarco Help Desk at 1-800-743-7498 and have them open the DMZ port for you to have Back Office connectivity if there is a light flashing on the adapter or the adapter says the cable is unplugged or it is labeled as unidentified network, this means the DMZ port is not open or not configured properly. 

Step 6: Once connection is established, map the network drive on your computer to start receiving and share files with the Passport POS. Click on Windows Start Button > Computer > right click on Network option on the left side of the new window and select "Map Network Drive"  [?]

Step 7: On the "Map Network Drive" window enter the following: [?]

  • Select the Drive as Z (if Z is taken, any other letter will work)

  • Enter the path name under the folder option: \\\XMLGateway

When done, click on Finish to try to connect to the folder

Note: Contact the Gilbarco Help Desk and have them enable the folder sharing for Back Office on your computer, if you get a message "Windows cannot access path", this means your Passport router settings have not been configured properly and there is an IP conflict. 

Step 8: Enter credentials when prompted: [?]

  • Username: BackOffice (capital B and capital O)

  • Password: BackOffice (capital B and capital O)

Note: Select the box, remember credentials to prevent losing the folder sharing, click OK when done and you should see a list of folders that are being shared with the Passport POS.

Step 4: Install the PDI CStore Essentials Utility

Note: This needs to be done from computer you will connect your POS register to.

Step by step instructions

  1. Log into your PDI CStore Essentials account

  2. Click on Store Settings to go to the Get started page.

  3. Click on Connect to my POS register link

  4. Click the Download PDI CStore Essentials Agent button to download the PDI CStore Essentials Agent software.

  5. Once the download is complete, click on the Setup.exe file to start the installation.

  6. Once the installation is complete, the PDI CStore Essentials Agent will automatically start. Follow instructions on the screen to complete the setup process.

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