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Receiving Delivery
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

Prior to receiving a fuel delivery, its important to understand a few terminologies.

Understanding Net vs. Gross:

Before we enter Gas delivery into CStore Essentials, please note the difference between Gross gallons and Net Gallons. Gross Gallons is how much fuel you requested at the time of order. Net Gallons is how much what actually loaded into your tank. For example, you may have requested 5000 gallons but your tank only has room for 4500 gallons. Thus, 5000 gallons is your gross, and 4500 is your net. Usually you get invoiced on the Net.

What is B.O.L

When a delivery comes to your store, usually the driver will had you a B.O.L (bill of lading) with a B.O.L number. This BOL slip will have the net and gross amounts for each grade. This slip will usually have no cost information as the driver does not know the cost. The moment the B.O.L is handed to the employee we need to add the delivery into CStore Essentials. To do this follow these steps:

Steps To receiving delivery

Step 1: Log into CStore Essentials, Go to Gas>Delivery

Step 2: Click on the “+” or “Add new” to add a new delivery.

Step 3: Select the Delivery Date, Enter BOL number, and Net and Gross Gallons Purchased for each grade.

Note: If you get charged for Gross Gallons, then input the Gross Gallons under Net Gallons..

Step 4: Verify the Gallons and Date and click on “Add Delivery”. If you have more than one delivery on same day, repeat steps 1-4 and change the “Load #”.

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