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Understanding Lottery settings
Understanding Lottery settings
Written by Roman c Arguello
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LotteryScratch-off settings options can be found by going to Lottery/Lotto -> Settings

Basic Settings

Automatically confirm new packs: If yes is selected, each time you activate a new pack, CStore Essentials will automatically confirm it. This option is used for customers who do not wish to track item level inventory for their packs and only care for the day closing readings

Automatically activate new packs: If yes is selected, each time you do day readings for new packs, CStore Essentials will automatically activate it. In order to utilize this option, you must either confrim all new packs in CStore Essentials or set Automatically confirm new packs to yes.

Automatically settle new packs: If yes is selected, each time you activate a new game, CStore Essentials will settle it the same day. This settings depends on how you like to settle your games. Some stores settle their scratch off games with the lottery commission at the time of activation to simplify operations where as others like to settle at a later point to maximize cash flow.

Use vending machine: If you have a lottery ticket vending machine, set this value to yes. By doing so, when your activating games, the system will ask you to select if the game is being activated for the vending machine or the slots at the counter.

Disable manual entry: This option will disable manual entry option for scratch off readings daily sales. If this is set to yes, the only options your employees will have to enter daily scratch off sales is with a bar code scanner or mobile app.

Lock scratch off sales field in Store Daily Reports: This option will lock the scratch off sales readings in the day report field so manual adjustments cannot be made.

Number of lottery slots. Used to determine the total number of empty slots after day closing

Advanced Settings

Reset Lottery: if you made a mistake and want to start all over. Typically used by stores that stopped taking readings for a while and want to start all over again.

Carry Forward Lottery Daily Reading: For those that want to carry forward a few days worth of missed readings.

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