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Fuel Adjustments
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

Fuel Inventory adjustments allows you to account for loss of fuel due to minor leak in your tank and/or expansion/contraction of your fuel tank due to weather. Please not that any fuel adjustments you make to your fuel inventory has an impact on your overall stores P&L in PDI CStore Essentials. If you overall adjustment was -$500, then your stores overall profit will be that much less.

Its critical that at the minimum you adjust your fuel inventory on a monthly bases. You may also need to do a fuel adjustment if you are a new store that has been doing daily paper work for a while, but haven’t used the gas delivery functionality. To make your fuel adjustments, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log into PDI CStore Essentials, go to Gas>Inventory Adjustment, click on the “+” or “Add new”

Step 2: On the “Enter gas adjustment” screen, select the adjustment date.

Step 3: PDI CStore Essentials will compare system Gallon v/s Actual gallons and give you the Gallon Adjusted, verify it and click on make adjustment.

Note: Weighted Cost per gallon and Amount adjusted will auto populate, if the store is receiving deliveries and entering the delivery cost.

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