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How to Add Additional Fuel Tanks
How to Add Additional Fuel Tanks
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

Adding a grade is a three part process, first we apply/change the settings, second we make it visible on day report and last we map the grade to show the proper figures.

1. Add additional tanks:

First we need to add the additional fuel grade in PDI CStore Essentials. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into PDI CStore Essentials, go to Gas>Settings.

Step 2: Click on Additional tank tab, select “Yes” for the Grades you want to use, specify the tank size for that grade, the tax rate (dollar amount and combine local and state takes per grade) the register grade ID for day report mappings. Once this is done Click on “Save Setting” (For Example we will assume that grade 5 is changed to Yes).

2. Configure the PDI CStore Essentials Day Report layout

Next we need to Configure the day report layout so that the newly added grade ID is grouped with the other fuel grade when entering your day reports.

Step 1: Go to Day Closing>Settings>Layout day Report Entry Form.

Step 2: Under Unassigned Fields, find Grade 5 Gallons and Grade 5 amount select them and bring it down in Sales box. Make sure they are placed before Total gallon and Total amount and click on submit.

3. Verify New grade ID is mapped properly

The last step in adding the new gas grade is to verify the day report mappings are correct. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Pos Data>Settings, click on the “Gas” tab.

Step 2: Verify the Register Grade ID, click on the Edit (pencil) button, For Day report mapping select Grade 5 and give a Grade name in register; for example Kerosene.

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