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Secondary Credit Card Merchant
Secondary Credit Card Merchant
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

Due to a contractual constraint from jobbers, in which they hold the store credit card batches for a longer time, some store owners opt to have a secondary credit card machine for a consistent cash flow. Also they might have a different method of accepting credit cards, which is not supported by jobbers. A good example would be Apple Pay, which in itself is considered a Secondary Vendor. In CStore Essentials you can have multiple Credit Card vendors enabled.

Follow this three-step process on how to enable and map the secondary credit card vendor.

1. Activate the Secondary Credit Card Merchant

  1. Log in to CStore Essentials account.

  2. Go to Store Settings, click on Configure store’s day reports, lottery, fuel, etc.

  3. On the General Settings click on Next till we get to the Payment type page.

  4. Turn on the Credit Card 2 field by switching it to Yes, select the Settlement bank account and Settlement method.

    Note: Settlement bank account is the account the credit card deposit comes in, and you get to choose if you want to settle it manually or let the system settle it automatically in CStore Essentials.

  5. Then click on Next and Finish.

2. Configure the CStore Essentials Day Report layout

Next we need to configure the day report layout so that the newly added Credit Card Vendor is visible when entering your day reports.

  1. Go to Day Closing>Settings>Layout day Report Entry Form.

  2. Under Unassigned Fields, find “Credit Card 2 – Credit card batches” select it and bring it down in Collection box. Make sure they are placed after Credit Card batches.

3. Map the Credit Card Merchant

The last step in adding the new gas grade is to verify the day report mappings are correct. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Pos Data>Settings, click on the “Tender type” tab.

  2. Verify the Register Tender type ID, click on the Edit (pencil) button, For Day report mapping select Credit Card 2 and give a name in register; for example Apple Pay.

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