NCR Lab Setup Instructions

Lab Setup

Your lab was delivered with a Cisco VPN router, so that you can connect your lab to the network with minimal changes. This should have already been setup by your technician.

Make sure to already have access to your NCR drive. It should look something like this with the provided IP that they will give to you.

Once you have access to the NCR drive you will need to make sure you have access to the NAXMLExportFiles and NAXMLImportFiles folders as shown. Once verified you will map each individual drive to the network by right clicking on each folder and clicking Map Network Drive.

Setting up Departments for NCR system

In order to get department’s on CStorePro setup you will need to log into your NCR register and follow these steps in order to verify the department name and ID.

Log into your register and select the Configuration folder.

You will then select the folder labeled Merchandise

Once selected you select Category Management and you will see a list pop up with your departments on the right side.

Once you locate your departments, click on each individual department and you will notice a separate screen on the right pop up. From there you will see the Category Name and the External ID. The Category Name is the Name you will be using to add into CStorePro and the External ID will be the ID used for the department.

Setting up Tax Id for NCR

To retrieve the Tax Name, percentage, and ID just scroll down from the current Category Management option and select Tax and Tax Setup. From here you can retrieve the Tax name and the Tax percentage. Double click on the Tax in order to retrieve the Tax ID for CStorePro.

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