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Step 1: Establish a physical connection

See step y step instructions

What you will need before you get started.

  • Back Office Computer with internet access

  • Ruby POS System

  • Ethernet Cat5 Cable [?]

  • Ruby Null Modem [?]

Note: If your back office computer does not have a serial connection, you will need the following item to convert from serial to USB, preferably "TrendNET Serial to USB Adapter [?]

Step 1: Determine the back office port on the Ruby POS console. To do this, click on Exit button to log out of register. [?]

Step 2: Press the Ticket Print/Right Arrow Button and select Maintenance. [?]

Step 3: Enter your register Username and Password. [?]

Step 4: Press the Ticket Print Button and select Print Installation Info or Press 27. [?]

Step 5: Press Enter on Print Installation Info. Look for Back Office COM port number on receipt. [?]

Step 6: Once the Back Office COM port number is found, connect the Ethernet Cat5 cable on the back of the main Ruby COM Port, in the same COM port number identified earlier. [?]

Step 7: Take the other end of the Ethernet Cat5 cable and plug into Ruby Modem Adapter. [?]

Step 8: Plug the Ruby null modem into in your Serial port on the back of your Back Office computer. [?]

Note: If computer does not have serial port, you will need to connect the Ruby Modem Adapter to the Serial to USB converter and connect that to any USB port on your back office computer. [?]

See step by step instructions

Step 1: Download the Ruby Communications Driver from the Download Center, open the folder and launch Gemcom32.exe. Follow the installation wizard to install the drivers for Ruby Link Communications. [?]

Step 2: Once the installation is complete, the following window will come up, follow these steps [?]

  • Select the POS Server/Ruby Serial Ports the Transfer Method

  • Click on Exit when selected

Step 3: On your Back Office Computer, click on the Start Menu and Search "RubyLink Comm Options" then open. [?]

Step 4: Follow these next steps after launching the RubyLink Comm Options utility. [?]

  • Under Transfer Method, select "POS Server/Ruby Serial Port"

  • Under GemCom Test, test both the "Pushing" and "Pulling" options.

    Note: If it fails, change the com port to 2,3,4, etc. try again until successful

  • Once both "Pushing" and "Pulling" options are successful, exit the application.

Step 5: Next go to the Start Menu on your Back Office computer and search for "Command Prompt", launch when found. [?]

Step 6: In the command prompt enter the following: [?]

  • C:\Gemcom\bin\rubylink.exe -install

Step 3: Install the CStorePro Utility

Note: This needs to be done from computer you will connect your POS register to.

Step by step instructions

  1. Log into your CStorePro account

  2. Click on Store Settings to go to the Get started page.

  3. Click on Connect to my POS register link

  4. Click the Download CStorePro Agent button to download the CStorePro Agent software.

  5. Once the download is complete, click on the Setup.exe file to start the installation.

  6. Once the installation is complete, the CStorePro Agent will automatically start. Follow instructions on the screen to complete the setup process.

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