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Importing Games for Your State
Importing Games for Your State
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

For first time users

When setting up a new account, you can import your states games directly from CStore Essentials database servers. To do this follow the 3 simple steps below.

For existing users

For existing CStore Essentials customers, CStore Essentials automatically imports all the new games for your state without any additional work. Thus, you do not need to manually import new state games. System will retrieve new game information from our servers when the game confirmed in our system. If you want to add games manually, this can be done with the following steps:

  1. Login to CStore Essentials account and go to Lottery/Lotto -> Games[?]

  2. From Games click on the "+" icon on the top right side of the screen

  3. Enter the game information and click on Add Lottery Game [?]

Note: New games can also be added at the time of confirmation ( Lottery/Lotto -> Confirm) by clicking on the "+" button next to the game number field.

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