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Setting Up Lottery in Ascending Order
Setting Up Lottery in Ascending Order
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

Setting up lottery to ascending order

These Steps apply to stores who are new to CStore Essentials and do their lottery reading in descending order. Before we start, let us show you what we mean by ascending and descending order.

Ascending order is where we sell and do the lottery reading from ticket number 1.

Descending order is where we sell and do the lottery reading from ticket number 100.

In CStore Essentials the reading is done in ascending order. For store that do their reading descending order they will have to change it to ascending order.How to flip the tickets to ascending order.

Let’s look at the example of Game# 300:

In this example the tickets are sold from 100 and going towards 1. Let’s assume that current ticket number is 80, and we want to flip it to an ascending order.Before we flip the game, it is very important to write the current ticket number and amount sold for each game at the end of day or shift and save it.

We get the amount sold by, taking the number we started with and subtracting it with the current ticket number and multiplying it by the ticket value.

For game 300;

Start # - Current ticket # x Ticket Value = Amount sold

100 - 80 x 1=20

Once we write down the current number and amount for all the games in the bin, we can flip the games and start from number 1 or ascending order.

Make sure you flip the tickets after shift close or after day close.

How to account for the tickets sold, before we flipped the games.

Now that we have flipped our games and are doing our reading in ascending order, we have to account for the ticket sold prior to the flip. Let’s go back to our example for game 300.

In the example above we have flipped our tickets and we are starting in ascending order, after couple days we sell out the whole pack. When we sell out the pack, we will mark it as sold out. When we mark it as sold out, system thinks that all the tickets have been sold. The system does not know that we sold 20 tickets from the back, before we flipped. Currently system is adding 20 dollars in sale, which will bring you 20 dollar short on you paperwork. To account for the short we will need to manually subtract 20 dollar sold form our scratch off reading in CStore Essentials paper work.

So for games that were flipped and sold out, we go back to the amount we wrote and subtract it form the total sale on the day the ticket sells out.

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