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How to Retail Invoice Manually
How to Retail Invoice Manually
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

How to retail Invoice manually

New item

1. Go to Price book > Purchase > invoices. Click on the funnel icon to retail invoice. Then click on + button next to “Vendor Item Code/UPC/Custom Code”.

2. Under “Search for sell-able item”, search for the item using the UPC, dept. or price and select the item.

Note: if the item is not in the price book, click on Add item and add new item to price book

3. Once you select the item, system will auto populate the Pack scan Code and Pack name. Here you can also enter your vendor item code.

4. Enter Units per case, Gross cost, Case discount, Case rebates and click on Create pack.

Note: If you buy a Carton of cigarette use the pack UPC and units per case of 10.

5. Now on the retail purchase screen, enter the quantity purchased.

Note: if your unit per case is 1, quantity will be number of items bought.

Old Item

If the item has already been retailed before all we have to do is search the item under “Vendor Item Code/UPC/Custom Code” field, select it from the drop down list and enter the quantity purchased. If the cost has changed, click on the Edit (pencil) button and update the cost.

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