In CStore Essentials there are 3 ways to create price group.

Option 1: Website (When adding new item)

  1. Log in to CStore Essentials account, go to Price book -> Items. Click on the “+” or “Add New” to add items.
  2. Enter the scan code and click on the "Find" button.

    Note: Include all the digits, the leading small number and trailing small number at the end.
  3. Assign department, tax type, and retail price.

    Note: other fields optional and not required
  4. Select the appropriate "Price Group" or click on the "+" to add a new Group.
  5. Click on “Add Item” Note: To add more items, click on the “Create another” check box next to add item and repeat Step 2-4.

Option 2: Website (Using the Bulk Update Option)

  1. Go to Price Book > Price Group, Click on the "+" or” "Add New” to create a new Price Group. [?]
  2. Enter Price Group Name and Click on “Add”
  3. Go to Pricebook > Bulk Update, search for the items.
  4. Assign the Price Group to all the searched items by Selecting the group and click on the down. [?]
  5. Click on Send all Changes to register.

Option 3: Mobile App

  1. Log into the app, on you Common task dashboard select "Price groups". [?]
  2. Click on create new item group or select an existing item group.
    Note: if you create a new one, enter the name and click create group to create the group and add items to the group.
  3. Click on the Camera and scan the bar code to assign the items the group.
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