Creating Price Groups
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Creating Price Group (Desktop/Web)

Step 1

Log into your CStore Essentials account, go to Price book ->Price Groups. Click on the “+” or “Add New” to create a Price Group.

Step 2

Give your Price Group a Name , Type and New Group Price.

Step 3

After your Price Group has been created you know have to add items to the group. You can add items by searching for the items Name , Department , Price Group or by scanning the Barcode on the item.

The items you have selected will appear to the Right of the page. Once you have confirmed the list of items you Click Finish.

Price Groups: (Mobile App)

  1. Log into the app, on you Common task dashboard select "Price groups". [?]

  2. Click on create new item group or select an existing item group.
    Note: if you create a new one, enter the name and click create group to create the group and add items to the group.

  3. Click on the Camera and scan the bar code to assign the items the group.

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