How to enter and track store expense in your invoice

How to track store expense in your invoice.

To track store expense, first we need to create a Store Expense dept. in CStore Essentials. We will use this dept. to retail all or store expense items we buy, fuel surcharges and other expense. This way we can run purchase report on this dept. to see our total expense incurred for the month. Click here to learn on how to add Dept.

How to enter store expense in your invoice.

To enter store expense in your invoice, we will need to create a four digit expense PLU or use the PLU that comes in your EDI. This PLU will be used to input the expense amount in purchase Invoice.

1. Go to Price book > Purchase > invoices. Click on the funnel icon to retail invoice. Then click on + button next to “Vendor Item Code/UPC/Custom Code”:

2. Under “Search for sell-able item”, click on the Add new item.

3. Under Scan code enter a four digit PLU, Item Name, retail price of 1.00, select the Store Expense dept., for tax type select non-tax and click on add item.

4. Once you select the item, system will auto populate the Pack scan Code and Pack name.

5. For Units per case enter 1.00, Gross cost enter 1.00, for Case discount and Case rebates leave it to 0.00 and click on Create pack.

6. Now on the retail purchase screen, enter the cost of your expense.

Note: if your cost is $12.38, enter the same cost in quantity.

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