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Purchase Packs: Re-stock Level and Re-order Point
Purchase Packs: Re-stock Level and Re-order Point
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

Purchase packs are essentially a vendor’s price book. It lists the items you bought from the vendor previously and allows you to create a new Purchase Order. In Purchase Packs you can make changes to the items you intend to purchase, like gross cost, unit cost, unit per case, discount and rebates. You can also set the Re-stock level and Re-order point for your items.

Re-order point: When inventory is less then or equals to this quantity, place an order. Bellow this threshold, the item will appear as "Out of Stock" in your reports.

Re-stock level: When placing an order, this quantity will be used for the item's new inventory count ("When placing an order take inventory of this item to this count.")

In order to update your items Re-stock level and Re-order point:

1. Go to Price book -> Bulk Update. On the top right side click on the “Purchase Pack” option

2. Search for items by price range, department, Vendor and other options available. It will bring up multiple items that fit your search criteria.

3. Update you Re-stock level, Re-order point and other desired changes and click on “Save Changes”.

Note: You can also change the items details individually by going to Pricebook-> Items, searching for the requested item and clicking on the Pencil icon next to it (on the right hand side). For more info on adding and editing items, go here.

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