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PDI CStore Essentials Automatic Invoice Retailing
PDI CStore Essentials Automatic Invoice Retailing
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

PDI CStore Essentials Technologies launch's item level retail invoicing services for small and mid size business.

With this service businesses can take the headache out of keying in item level invoices and focus on their customers instead. This service is only $50 per month.

Here is How it works:  

Step 1: Upload the invoices to PDI CStore Essentials:

Enter the grocery purchase in PDI CStore Essentials, upload and attach all the invoices to the entry. For grocery purchases, attach the document to the invoice created in PDI CStore Essentials. Lastly, when the notice of draft is received, upload that draft to the last invoice being paid in that draft (i.e. if the draft is charging for invoice on 6/1, 6/7, and 6/17, you will need to upload the draft to the 6/17 invoice)

Step 2: Sit back and relax:

Once the invoices are uploaded your purchase invoice will be retailed for all invoices uploaded the prior day. For new items, we will try to find item with similar cost in your existing database and use that retail. If none are found, we will use the margins specified during the setup process for each department. This will also update costs to retail the invoices.

NOTE: System will never send any changes to the register. All changes must be reviewed and sent by store employee/owner. Also make sure all the uploaded invoices have upc/barcodes printed in it.

Step 3: Review, verify and submit.

Review new items and cost changes by going to the monitoring tab and reviewing the new items added and items who's cost has changed. For new items, customers need to review the retail, department and tax as well as the margins. For cost changes, customers need to review the cost changes and margins and update the retail if needed before verifying the changes and sending items to the register.

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