How to Change Product Code
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With loyalty becoming a bigger component of gas stations and convenience stores, Product codes are becoming more and more important to manage. With loyalty programs like Plenti or Shell Rewards, certain items qualify for rewards and certain do not. To manage this, rewards programs utilize the Product Codes. Basicallyb when a customer purchases something, the product code is sent to rewards program to determine if the purchased items qualify for the reward. This way rather than programs having to maintain a database of 5000 to 10000 PLUs they only have to maintain 100-200 product codes.

Product Codes in CStore Essentials can be set either at the department level or default level. An item will get associated with a product code at the department level and if no product code is assigned at the department level, then it will use the default Product Code.

To Set Default Product Code

  1. Log in to CStore Essentials account, go to Pos data -> settings. Click on General Setting tab, and scroll down until you see “Default Product code for pricebook item”.

  2. Enter the default Product Code value for General Merchandise (Can be found in your POS. For most POS its generally 400).

  3. Click on Update setting, and resend the price book to change the product code in your POS.

To set Department Level product code:

  1. Log in to CStore Essentials account, go to Pos data -> settings. Click on Departments tab, and select the pencil icon on the department you want to add the product code for.

  2. Scroll down and fine the field called Primary Reg PCode and enter the Product Code.

  3. Click on Update Button once done.

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