An enterprise plan upgrade is required. 

For new customers to get started, contact your cigarette vendor to start application process. Once you get approval they will request that you submit a sample file for review before you are set up for the program. Upon approval, your data provider will email you credentials to get started.

To set up automatic transfer...

Step 1: Enable Scan Data Reporting

  1. Login to your PDI CStore Essentials Account
  2. On the left-side menu, click on Scan Data Programs > Dashboard
  3. On this screen, enable reporting by clicking 'Setup' on appropriate Data Program and Data Program Settings screen will appear. 
  1. In the 'Status' drop down menu, click 'Participating'
  2. Enter account number from data provider
  3. Enter your store's SFTP username / password, and click 'Check Connection'. The status of your connection will be highlighted in Green (if validated) or Red (if NOT validated)

    Note: You should receive your username and password via email from scan data provider (i.e. Altira/Philip Morris).

Your scan data provider requires your store's information to be accurate. This information is solely used by your scan data provider, and will NOT affect your store profile.

  1. Enter your store name and address
  2. Click 'Update Program' to submit

    Note: The cigarette data becomes available from the moment you enable this feature.

After submitting, if you receive an email from your scan data system warning you of a rejection, please contact PDI CStore Essentials customer support.

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