How to set up Category

Before we set up category, let’s understand what categories are. In CStore Essentials categories are used to maintain a Category level Inventory. Each Categories has different departments associated with it. We use category to track our department sales and purchases to maintain a dollar value inventory and over all margin. To set up category you need to first consider what categories are needed in the store. A good example would be Alcohol. Alcohol is the category, Wine, Beer and Liquor are departments that are mapped to that category.

Step 1: Creating Categories

1. Go to Grocery -> Settings. Click on the funnel icon to create a Category.

2. Give It a Name, Tax Type, Margin and Click on Add Category.

Note: Creating category will show the total sales for that category in daily report.

Step 2: Mapping Categories

1. Go to POS Data > Dashboard.

2. Find the department and under Day report mapping, map the department to the new category. Then click on update.

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