What is Tobacco Scan Data?
Written by Alvin Prasla
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What is Tobacco Scan Data?

In addition to the buydown you receive on your purchases, tobacco brands have implemented a program that allows you to pass on additional savings to your customers in exchange for your tobacco scan data. This means that you can pass along the savings to your customers without impacting your margins. The program pays you at the following 3 levels

  1. Scan Data payment: Sites get paid anywhere from $0.03 to $0.05 cents per scan data reported to the brands. Please consult your local Altria/RJR/ITG rep for more details

  2. Multi-Pack discount payments. In addition to the scan data payment, as part of the scan data program, sites have the option to sign up for multi-pack reimbursements where you run promotions for multipacks (i.e. buy 2 get $0.50 off) at your POS. You pass along the multipack savings to your customer and the tobacco brands will re-imburse you via your monthly rebate checks

  3. Tobocco Loyalty Offer payments: In addition to the multipack and scan data payments, brands also offer an option to enroll in tobacco loyalty plans where you can give an additional discount to your customers who present a loyalty card or alt ID (i.e. $1 off 2 pack). This means that the tobacco loyalty program stacked with a multipack discount can offer a site can give a $1.50 discount on multipack purchases, allowing you to be more competitive without losing margins. This, like the multi pack discount payment is paid to you as part of your monthly rebate checks. In exchange for signing up for this program, we will need to report the loyalty information to the brand (i.e. loyalty id/alt-ID, loyalty discount applied).

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