Other Common Scan Data FAQs
Written by Alvin Prasla
Updated over a week ago

How do I get paid for my scan data

Typically tobacco brands will reimburse you for your scan data via a rebate. This rebate is typically posted along with your buy down rebates.

How much does it cost?

With CStoreEssentials, the basic scan data plan cost $29 per month and includes automatic scan data reporting as well as multipack reporting (if you have promotions running in your POS). If you want the tobacco loyalty plan, its $89 per month per site. Additional discounts are available for specific brands.

Why I should sign up?

Tobacco Scan data program allows retailers to be more competitive and allows you to reduce your pricing for your customers without reducing your margins. Typically, all 3 parties benefit from this program:

  • The Customer: Gets a lower price

  • The Retailer: Enables them to be more competitive and keep customers coming back

  • The Brand: Gets insights into your tobacco and Cigarette sales to ensure you are in compliance with the plan/contract you are in

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