Signing up for RJR Scan Data Reporting

RJ Reynolds Scan Data Enrollment and Setup Configuration for Automatic Submission

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To setup your Scan Data reporting with CStore Essentials, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check Eligibility with RJR, and Get SFTP credentials

RJ Reynolds (RJR) has very specific requirements for the enrollment process of new scan data customers. Follow these steps to start offering discounts with RJ Reynolds.

  1. Contact your RJR representative and inform them you want to enroll in the RJR tobacco scan data program. Please let them know that your scan data provider is PDI CStore Essentials.

  2. Your RJR rep will either direct you to MSA (their data processor) or send you a questionnaire via email to complete the Enrollment Process.

    • In the Contact Information, 'please use your valid email', so you can be notified by RJR when everything has been setup.

    • Furthermore, when filling out the 'Enrollment & Data Authorization Form',

    Enter "PDI CStore Essentials", for Software Provider Name, and

    Select “Pipe Delimited without headers” as Preferred file format.

  3. Within a week, you should receive an email from MSA with your SFTP credentials (username and password). You will need this information when configuring scan data submission via CStoreEssentials.


While filling the "Enrollment & Data Authorization Form", you may required to fill

*Click above button to view a sample pre-filled Application

Step 2: Configure your scan data submission in CStoreEssentials

Prior to configuring your scan data submission in CStoreEssentials, you must first sign up for a CStore Essentials Account if you don’t already have one and make sure the utility has been Installed and Configured with your POS-Register.

  1. Login to your PDI CStore Essentials Account

  2. On the left-side menu, click on Scan Data Loyalty & Offers > Dashboard

  3. On this screen, enable reporting by clicking 'Setup' on appropriate Data Program and Data Program Settings screen will appear.

  4. For Is VAP in Price:

    [Select "Yes" if for the pre-priced discounted items (i.e. items with $0.50 OFF label on them) is set on the POS as a final price.

    Select "No" if you have a discount flag for the item on the POS so customer can see the discount applied on the receipt.]

  5. Confirm or Enter your Store Name and Address

  6. Enter your Email Address *for ScanData Notifications

  7. Enter Data Provider Account Number (MSA ID Number from MSA/RJR)

  8. Enter Submission File Name (Please note, this name cannot contain any special characters or spaces. Ideally use your Store Name without spaces.)

  9. Enter your store's Secure FTP username / password, (should have received from MSA/RJR)

  10. Click Setup to complete

Your scan data provider requires your store's information to be accurate. This information is solely used by your scan data provider, and will NOT affect your store profile.


*The cigarette data becomes available from the moment you enable this feature.

*And the submissions will start once a full week of data has been collected as per RJR Scan Data requirements.

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