Connecting Quick Books to CStore Essentials

Requirements & Limitations:

  1. CSE only works with QB desktop version, any desktop version will work.

  2. CSE requires Admin access to QB.

  3. If QB is installed on an online secured server, CSE requires an Admin access.

  4. QB online and CSE will not connect.

  5. CSE will only import Day reports entries. (Checks or EFT Purchase/Expense cannot be imported.)

  6. CSE only makes General Ledger entries.

Installing QB utility

Step 1: On the computer where QB is installed; Go to Day Closing>QuickBook Integration.

Step 2: Activate the QuickBooks Integration, by turning the switch to on, in the far right of the screen.

Step 3: Click on “Click here to download the QuickBooks Connector” button to download the utility.

Step 4: Once its download the “CSPQBConnectorSetup.exe” Double Click and run the file. This will install the QB connector on the PC you are working on.

Connecting QB to CSE account and Uploading Chart of Accounts

After the QuickBooks Utility has been installed on a PC with QuickBooks Software, follow the steps below to connect the store to QB.

Step 1: Go to Day Closing>QuickBooks Integration. On the right side of the screen under the “Click here to download the QuickBooks Connector”. You will see Utility APIKey, copy the key. Every store has a unique key.

Step 2: Launch the CSPQBConnector on the desktop.

Step 3: Click on Manage to add a new store.

Step 4: Enter “Store Name” and paste the API Key copied in Step 1 under “Store’s CStorePro Key ID”. Now click on “Add Store to list” button.

Step 5: In this step we will import chart of accounts from QuickBooks and upload it to CStore Essentials. After adding the store to the Current Store List, Select the store and click n “Auto Sync Chart of accounts”

Step 6: Click on “Ok” from step 1 to 3, that pop up on the screen.

Step 7: On this step system will open QuickBooks and ask permission for “Access Confirmation”, Click on Done.

Step 8: Confirm access to the company file, when prompted by quick books. Select, “Yes, whenever this QuickBooks file is open” and click on “Continue…”.

Step 9: Confirm to Proceed. Click on Yes when prompted to all access.

Step 10: now on the Add New Store, click on Ok for step 3, after this CSPQB connector will prompt to updates QuickBooks Settings, Click on “Yes”.

Step 11: Click on OK, this will upload chart of accounts and connect QB to CSE.

QuickBooks Integrations Settings

Before Mapping the data point to chart of accounts, we will have to do a Basic Integration settings.

Step 1: Go to Day Closing > QuickBooks Integration. For Import day report as select “General ledger”.

Step 2: Select they day report class, this option is optional and is used for QB file with multiple store or class.

Step 3: Select the account where all the unmapped number should go to for review. It can be cash short over or ask my accountant.

Step 4: Credit Memo template and Invoice Memo are optional and not required for General Ledger entries. Click on Save Settings.

Configuring QB mappings

Mapping QB entries is to tell CSE what entries should go in which account when Importing data into QuickBooks.

Step 1: Go to Day Closing>QuickBooks Integrations, click on “Configure General Ledger Mapping” on bottom right.

Step 2: Click on the “+”on top right to add a new mapping.

Step 3: On Add general ledger mapping screen, select the CSP Field Type. This is the field on your day report, this tell them system where to pull the data from.

Step 4: Select the filed type under CSP Field. This is to select the specific data point. Data multiplier will be 1 in most cases, unless we are importing a negative number.

Step 5: Select the QB Debit or Credit Account. This tells them system where to post the entry in QB, if the entry is Debit select QB Debit Entity or vis versa.

Step 6: Select Entity for Debit or Credit, depending on which filed is selected. Entity is only required for Accounts receivable. Entry Batch is always with main report.

Step 7: Enter an entry Memo, this is a mandatory filed. Usually states what is the entry for.

Step 8: Select “Create another” to add additional mappings and Click on “Add Mapping” to add the mapping.

Making daily entry in QB

Step 1: Launch the CSPQBconnector.exe on the Desktop.

Step 2: Select the Store and date range for the data you want to import from CSE to QB. If you select a period longer then 1 day, system will merge all the data and upload into the QB.

Step 3: Click on “Download Day Reports to QuickBooks for Selected Store” to upload data for single store. Or select “Download day Reports to QuickBooks for All Stores” to upload data for all the stores in QuickBooks.

Step 4: System will give you a message,”1 Journal entry added successfully”. You have successfully added a journal entry.

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