Requirements & Limitations:

  1. CSE only works with QB desktop version, any desktop version will work.

  2. CSE requires Admin access to QB.

  3. If QB is installed on an online secured server, CSE requires an Admin access.

  4. QB online and CSE will not connect.

  5. CSE will only import Day reports entries. (Checks or EFT Purchase/Expense cannot be imported.)

  6. CSE only makes General Ledger entries.

Installing QB utility

Step 1: On the computer where QB is installed; go to Day Closing > QuickBook Integration.

Step 2: Activate the QuickBooks Integration by turning the switch to on, in the right side of screen.

Step 3: Click on “Click here to download the QuickBooks Connector” button to download the utility.

Step 4: Once it's download the “CSPQBConnectorSetup.exe” Double Click and run the file. This will install the QB connector on the PC you are working on.

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