To effectively run your PDI CStoreEssentials Back Office at your gas station, all you need is a PC operating Windows 7 or higher (desired is Windows 10 64-bit) with internet access and a connection established on the PC to your POS system.

Beyond the basics we also recommend the following hardware. Please note, these are not required but recommended

USB Based Scanner:

Tao Tronics barcode scanner is a USB based scanner that plugs into your back office PC and allows you to easily scan and add/update items from your back office PC. Furthermore, if the PC is located near or around your lottery slots, you can use the scanner to scan in nightly readings to track your lottery inventory.

Wireless portable scanner

Cipher Lab RS30 or RS31 is a wireless device that allows you to detach from your computer and utilize it while walking the store. Its wifi enabled (requires a wifi connection to access the CSP app) and allows you to receive, activate and enter nightly lottery readings, change prices, add/receive items and perform inventory audits.

Label Printing

Dymo 450 with 30336 labels allows you to print shelf pricing labels for customer display or ease the ordering process.

Document Scanner

The Brother DS-620 allows you to scan in the site level documents (Z reports, lottery, purchase slips, BOL, etc) and attach them to your CStore Essentials entry. This way, in the future, if you need access to the records, its easier to find.

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