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Add Departments into Verifone/POS-Register
Add Departments into Verifone/POS-Register

Steps to Add Departments into Verifone - 'Petroleum/C-Store Control Center'. Assign Tax Type, Age-Restriction and Allow Food Stamps

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Add Departments into Verifone/POS-Register

By adding departments into PDI CStore Essentials; will not add departments to your POS-Register. It is recommended to first Add departments into your POS system, this will allow us to Add or Auto Sync it under PDI CStore Essentials with the same Department ID.

  1. Login into Verifone - 'Petroleum/C-Store Control Center'

  2. Go to Store Operations

  3. Select Merchandise

  4. Click Departments

  5. Click Add

  6. Set required Product Code by clicking on the down arrow

  7. Set required ID Check(Age Restriction) and Taxes by clicking on Edit

  8. Click Save

*The given article is to help you with basic information, as a courtesy.

For any further questions or concerns regarding Verifone/POS-Register please call Verifone Help Desk.

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