What you will need to get started:

  1. USB flash drive [?]
  2. Access to your main passport station
  3. Access to your back office PC

Export data from Passport POS system:

  1. Plug the USB flash drive into any USB port on the main Passport station.
  2. On the passport station go to Tools -> Manager Workstation -> Setup -> Store -> Extraction Tools -> Export Data -> select Pricebook -> select the location drive (either E of F) -> click start to start the extraction
  3. Once extraction is done, remove the USB flash drive and plug it into your back office computer.

Note: some passport versions do not support Pricebook extraction capabilities. If at the end of this process your file size is less than 100kb, most likely there is no Pricebook data in the file. In this case you might have to call a local tech.

*The given article is to help you with basic information, as a courtesy.

For any further questions or concerns regarding Gilbarco Passport/POS-Register please call Gilbarco Help Desk.

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