What is Shipper?
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What is a Shipper?

Shipper is a packaged display of two or more items with sold as one unit. These are usually sold to stores during holiday seasons. See the example below of a Hershey shipper

How to set up a shipper item in CSE

To setup shipper items for you vendor, you will need to first set up the purchase pack specifically for the all the items included in the shipper. In the example above we see that the shipper has 170 units of 5 different products and cost 115.90, with unit cost of 0.6817.

1. Go to Price book > Purchase > invoices. Click on the funnel icon to retail invoice. Then click on + button next to “Vendor Item Code/UPC/Custom Code”.

2. Under “Search for sell-able item”, search for the item using the UPC, dept. or price and select the item.

Note: if the item is not in the price book, click on Add item and add new item to price book

3. Once you select the item, system will auto populate the Pack scan Code and Pack name. Here you can also enter your vendor item code listed on your shipper to differentiate between shipper item and regular item.

4. Enter Units per case, Gross cost, Update the Pack Name and click on Create pack. Example for Pay day.

a. Units per case will be units purchased 16

b. Gross Cost will be units in the shipper times the unit cost. 16*0.6817=10.9072

c. Pack name: enter shipper in front of the pack name so it is easy to locate.

How to set up a shipper case in CSE

1. Go to Price book > Purchase >Shippers. Select the vendor you want to setup the case for and hit Search.

2. Click on the “+”, on Create shipper screen, Enter Scan code for the shipper, Unit cost, Vendor Item code.

a. Scan Code will be on the invoice.

b. Unit cost will be total cost of the shipper.

c. Vendor item will be on an invoice.

3. Click on the edit button for Select cases to shipper, on Add purchase cases and select the shipper purchase pack we created and enter 1 for case per shipper and hit Add case.

4. After adding all purchase pack click on Save and continue.

5. Click on Create shipper. Now we can go to the vendor retailing screen and retail the shipper with the scan case we set up for the shipper case.

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