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Secondary WorkStation / Additional POS-Register

About Adding, Connecting and having issues with Secondary WorkStation / Additional POS-Register

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CStore Essentials Back Office Application only gets Connected and Configured with Main POS-Register (i.e. Primary WorkStation)

• As long as the Additional Registers are of same Brand as Main Primary POS-Register, Like PASSPORT + PASSPORT OR VERIFONE + VERIFONE, It is good to go.

• For Adding another Secondary WorkStation or Additional Registers, There is NO separate Connection or Configuration required on Back Office.

• If you are facing any issues related to Additional Registers, like Live Transactions are not pulling from Or Price Changes not going to a particular Register, then Call your POS-Register HelpDesk

• Mostly likely it is due to Communication Or Connection between Main Primary POS-Register and Additional Register

• You may try Restarting / Turn-Off&Turn-On the particular Additional Register or Main Primary Register. Make sure both are well connected with each other.

• Call your POS-Register HelpDesk if you require any further Help or need clarification.

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