Step by Step instructions

Step 1: Go to your Passport register and log in to the highest level access.

Step 2: Select the following tabs: Manager Workstation > Setup > Store > Back Office > Back Office Interface

Step 3: Under "Generation Options"

Step 4: Make sure 'Combine Transaction Level Detail CPJR' option is UnChecked

Step 5: Once you click on save, click OK on the top message, Yes on the second and Yes on the third.

Step 6: When Done, you'll be directed back to the POS screen - otherwise click on POS screen and at this point you are done with the Passport Back Office settings

*Once you finish unchecking the above option, It will Start generating Live Transactions Files as they are been Scanned on Passport POS-Register, instead of getting all Combined Data at End of the Day.

For reference please look into our below Help Center Article/Video,

Configuring your Passport POS-Register

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