Tobacco Scan Data Dashboard View

We’ve made some significant improvements to the Scan Data dashboard UI and several enhancements to help you easily manage your Tobacco Scan Data from a central dashboard.

Tobacco Scan Data program details

We’ve updated the Scan Data program details view to give you more information about your program.

1. Quickly view the Program Setup Date, Last Submission Date, Last Submission Status, and your Submission Environment.

2. Update your RJR Tobacco Scan Data submission environment directly from the Scan Data dashboard

RJR requires their customers to go through a test submission period before submitting to their live environment. Starting today, we are enabling RJR customers to update their ‘Submission Environment’ from the Scan Dashboard with just four clicks. No more contacting support to update your submission environment!

Click on the RJR Scan Data program options button > Select ‘Update Submission Environment’ > select ‘Live Environment’ and ‘Update

UI Enhancements

  • Updated panel styling for a softer look

Bug Fixes

  • Broken Profile image

  • Broken Store Logo Image

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