On your December billing cycle, your account will automatically be updated to an annual billing structure and your method of payment on file will be charged the annual price ($708) for the entirety of 2022.

  • If you wish to remain on a monthly billing structure, you can do so by opting out of the yearly billing plan by November 29, 2021.

  • The new rate for monthly billing will be $69/month per site. This means you save $120 a year with the annual billing plan!

Opting in to a new billing structure

Starting November 15th, 2022, once you log into the CStore Essentials Application you will be prompted with a " New Annual Billing Structure" Selection form. From this form select the pricing structure that you feel best fits your business needs.

Options Available will be

  • "Save $120.00 a year with the annual billing plan"

  • "Stay monthly for $69.00"

Changing new billing structure selection

Once you have made your new billing structure selection, the CStore Essentials application will display a notification at the top of your dashboard with the billing structure you selected. Any time before November 29th, you can click the "Update your billing structure" link inside the notification bar to change your selected billing structure.

Billing structure updates

Your new billing structure will take effect on your December billing cycle invoice. After December 1st you can visit the billing page within the application to check view your next upcoming invoice.

If you have questions or need help, please contact csebilling@pdisoftware.com.

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