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What's New April 11, 2023
What's New April 11, 2023
Written by Brandon Mixon
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Store Operations

CStore Essentials Onboarding

We are excited to announce the release of our new onboarding experience! This update includes several enhancements designed to make it easier than ever for new users to get started with CStore Essentials

Here are some of the key improvements:

  1. Simplified Account Creation: Our new onboarding process makes it faster and easier to create a new account, with clear instructions and fewer steps.

  2. Easy Guided Process: We have added an intuitive and user-friendly guided process to help new users get started quickly and easily, without any confusion.

  3. New Appointment Scheduling System: We have implemented a new installation appointment scheduling system that allows new users to receive appointment reminders via text message and in-app notifications to ensure you never miss your appointment.

We hope these enhancements will help you get started with CStore Essentials more quickly and easily, and enable you to get the most value from it.

Bug Fixes

Some customers were unable to delete their tax ID from the application.

Scan Data and Loyalty

RJR loyalty Offers

Please note that these exclusive loyalty offers are only available to customers enrolled with RJR, and their store offers have been approved by their RJR representative.

We have added new RJR loyalty offers to the CStore Essentials loyalty offer picker, providing you with even more ways to earn rewards and save on your purchases.

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