Settling lottery ticket games

Stores have 2 ways of settling lottery tickets. Some stores settle their scratch off games with the lottery commission at the time of activation to simplify operations and others have the lottery commission settle the games at a later point after a certain time so the stores can maximize the cash flow. While each has its pros and cons, with CStorePro you can set up the system either way.

Settle packs at time of activation

To automatically settle packs when activating, you simply have to make a one time setting on CStorePro

  1. Login to your CStorePro account
  2. Go to Lottery/Lotto -> Settings. [?]
  3. Change the field labeled Automatically settle new packs to a value of Yes.[?]
  4. Save settings by clicking on the Update settings button. [?]

Manually settle packs

CStorePro supports 2 ways of manually settling packs: Bulk settle sold out packs, and settle packs one by one based on the settlement report

To settle packs in bulk that are sold out:

  1. Login to your CStorePro account
  2. Go to Lottery/Lotto -> Settle packs. [?]
  3. Click on the Settle sold out packs on the top right of the page. [?]
  4. Click on the Settle All button to settle sold out packs OR select the ones you want to settle and click on the Settle packs button on the bottom right side of the window.

To settle packs based on lottery settlement report

  1. Login to your CStorePro account
  2. Go to Lottery/Lotto -> Settle packs. [?]
  3. Select the date of settlement
  4. Scan the pack being settled OR enter the Game number, pack number and click on Settle this pack. [?]
  5. Repeat step 4 for other packs being settled
  6. Click on Finish to save the settlements.

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