Bulk update purchase information

To bulk update items from the Honeywell MK5502 or excel file use the following steps:

Manually update purchase information in bulk:

  1. From the website, login to CStorePro
  2. Go to Price Book > Bulk Update Items.
  3. On the top right click on Purchase Packs button.
  4. Search the item using the search criteria identified.
  5. Enter the purchase information and click on the down arrow next to new purchase blue to apply changes to all the items.
  6. Click on Save Changes button to save the changes

From Honeywell MK5502

  1. Click on escape until you are on the main menu.
  2. Click on option 1 to run program.
  3. Select option 4 to create pack.
  4. Enter in the appropriate information and click on the return key once done.
  5. Repeat step 4 for additional items.
  6. Once done, upload the file from the cradle on the back office PC.
  7. Login to your CStorePro account.
  8. Click on Pricebook -> items.
  9. Select the By File Upload button on the top right.
  10. Find the file and process the upload.

From Excel or .csv file:

In excel or .csv file (comma seperated), you will need to enter the the purchase information in the following format:

Item Bar code, Qty, Case Cost, Item/Case, Item Price, Description


  • Item Barcode is the complete 8 or 12 digits on the selling item
  • Quantity is the quantity received.
  • Case Cost is the cost per case for the item.
  • Items/case is the selling units per case.
  • Item price is the retail price you wish to sell the item for.
  • Description is the selling items description.

Save this file as a .csv and follow these steps

  1. Login to your CStorePro account.
  2. Click on Pricebook -> items.
  3. Select the By File Upload button on the top right.
  4. Find the file and process the upload.

NOTE: The CSV file should not contain a header with the text.

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