Uploading excel file to CStorePro

When setting up your initial price book, CStorePro can import files from excel. To do this, use the CStorePro  excel file format. To import items from excel follow these steps:

Step 1: Build out the CSV or excel file

  1. By using the CStorePro excel file or a CSV template build out the file using these columns at the top:
    1. Scan Code (needs to be 8 or 12 characters, note that the field should be setup as a text so that leading zeros are not removed)
    2. Modifier is the modifier code. If its a single item, leave it as 0. If its a modifier of 2 (i.e. 2 pack cig deal, than use value of 2). NOTE: Do not use modifier of 1 for base items).
    3. Description is the product description you want to appear on the receipt
    4. Price is the selling price (NOTE: do not use $ sign in the price field
    5. Cost is the cost of the item (case cost divided by units per case).
    6. Units/Case is how many units come in each purchase pack.
    7. Department ID is the ID from the register you want this item to belong to.
    8. Tax Type ID is the tax rate for the product (For Passport its usually 101 for tax, 102 for low tax, 99 for non tax. For Nucleus and Sapphire is 1 for high tax, 2 for low tax, 99 for non tax)
    9. Is Foodstampable is 1 for yes and 0 for no
    10. Current Inventory is optional and is the current inventory on hand (only if your transferring price book from another back office software.). You can set this value to 0 if you don't know it
    11. Price Group Name is optional and is the price group you want this item to belong to
  2. If using excel to build out the file, save it as a CSV (comma delimited) once done.

NOTE: The column headers must be with the same naming convention identified here. This cannot be any different otherwise the file will fail to upload. See the sample  CSV file here

Step 2: Upload CSV file to your CStorePro Account:

  1. Log into your CStorePro account on your back office computer
  2. Click on "‘Store Settings" to go to the "Get started" page. [?]
  3. Click on "Setup/sync my Pricebook" link [?]
  4. Select "Upload your Pricebook file" option and drag and drop or find the file and upload it into CStorePro. Give it about 10 minutes for the upload to complete. [?]

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