Setting up Employee Clock In-Out Dashboard

    The Clock In-Out functionality on CstorePro allows your employees to log their daily shifts hours. Follow these simple steps to set up an employee clock in-out dashboard on your store's computer desktop accessible to your employees.  

  1. Log into CstorePro, click on Payroll -> Settings. Copy the link you see in your CstorePro Payroll setting

  2. Go to the Desktop, “ Right Click” on the desktop go to NEW and then click on Shortcut
  3. On the Create Shortcut screen, under "Type the Location of the item:" Paste the link from CstorePro Payroll Settings and click on Next

  4. Next name the Shortcut “Employee Clock In-Out” and click on Finish. On desktop you will see the icon from clock in-out. Your employees can use this to clock in-out their shifts

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