Cigarette Scan Data Reporting

This feature allows you to send data to tobacco companies (such as RJR or Altria) and receive additional revenues in exchange for the data submitted.

A plan upgrade or add-on fee may be required. 

To get started, contact your cigarette vendor to get approval first. Once you get approval they will request that you submit a sample file for review before you are set up for the program.

 To set up the sample file follow these steps:

Step 1: Get approval and pass validation

  1. Login to your CStorePro Account
  2. Go to POS Data > click on Settings
  3. On this screen, enable Cigarette Data and enter the External Vendor ID (This ID is provided by the cigarette company). 

    Note: The cigarette data available starts from the moment you enable this feature, data prior to enabling the feature is not available.
  4. Now, wait a few days then go to POS Data > Reports > Cigarette Scan Data and generate the report for the time period you desire.   Once that report is generated and downloaded, email it to the cigarette company representative for approval.   You must wait for approval response before proceeding.

Step 2: Setup transfer process

In order to setup the transfer process, CStorePro uses Filezilla to transfer file from your back office computer to the cigarette company.

  1. Once the sample file is approved, you will get the credentials to submit files to the cigarette company servers. Note: These credentials will include an URL address (i.e. labeled as Host), username and password. (See sample below)
  2. Install and set up Filezilla to start uploading and sending cigarette data to the cigarette company.
  • Using Google Chrome go to and click on the download Filezilla client button, on the next page, click on the green button download Filezilla client to download setup file.
  • Click on the downloaded file labeled as Filezilla_3.25.1_win.exe for the setup wizard to open.
  • On the setup wizard click on “I Agree” to continue with installation.
  • Decline optional offers and click on “Next” to allow program availability to all users in computer.
  • On the next section, make sure you check mark all components (i.e. filezilla client, icon sets, language files, shell extension, and desktop icon).  Click “Next” to confirm installation location and finally click on “Install” to conclude installation. Click on Finish to close setup. 
  • Open Filezilla from your desktop and enter the host, username and password on the top of the screen (i.e. these are the credentials emailed to you by the cigarette company representative) and click on QuickConnect (Note: make sure to select the SFTP connection).
  • The connection status will show right below the credentials letting you know it’s connected to server.

On the left hand side of the Filezilla window, search for the downloaded report and drag it to the right hand side of the Filezilla window to upload item successfully.  You will get an upload status after you drag the item to the right. 

Step 3: Submit Files on a Weekly Basis:
  1. In your CStorePro account, go to POS Data > click on Reports and select the option Cigarette Report.
  2. Enter the desired dates > run report and download file.
    Note: Depending on the size of the report, it may take up to a few minutes for the file to download.
  3. Once the report is generated, open Filezilla, click on QuickConnect to connect to site and transfer the file to your Cigarette Company’s server, by dragging the document from left to right.
  4. At this point, you’re all set and done.  You can follow these same steps with each report you wish to upload to receive the cigarette rebates.

If you have any questions on your cigarette rebates, contact the cigarette vendor for more information.  For any technical support on your CStorePro account, connect with an agent. 

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