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Add, Upload, Retail Fintech's EDI Invoices
Add, Upload, Retail Fintech's EDI Invoices
Written by Roman c Arguello
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Add, Upload, Retail Fintech's EDI Invoices


Step 1: Access your EDI file sent by FIntech. Ensure the following fields are available:

  • Vendor Name

  • Retail Vendor ID

  • Invoice Date

  • Invoice Amount

Note: If some of this information is missing contact Fintech's support team.

Step 2: Login to your CStorePro account

Note: Make sure you disable the Pop-up blocker from Google Chrome when prompted

Step 3: Add the vendors prior to uploading the invoice or check f the vendor has been added. Go to Price Book > Purchase > Vendors

If you need to add a vendor, click on the + button on the top right and enter the following:

  • Enter Vendor Name (i.e. known as Vendor Name in EDI invoice)

  • Select Retailing Type: (In this case by item)

  • Select Electronic File Format: (In this case Fintech)

  • Enter Vendor Code: (i.e. known as Retail Vendor ID in EDI invoice)

  • Click on Add Vendor when finished

Or search for the vendor in the "Manage Vendors" page to look up Vendor and to confirm if its present before adding.

Note: You can also add the Vendor when adding a new "invoice". Click on the + next to "Vendor" field in the "Add New non-cash grocery purchase screen"

Step 4: Add your invoice to CStorePro. Go to Pricebook > Purchase > invoices. Click on + button on the top right and start adding as followed:

  • Select the date (i.e. known as Invoice Date in EDI invoice)

  • Select the vendor from existing list or click + to add a new one

  • Select the payment method to be EFT

  • Select the Bank Account where EFT took place

  • Enter the amount of the invoice (i.e. known as Invoice Amount in EDI invoice)

  • Click on "Add Invoice" when done or click on "Create Another" if you wish to add another Invoice.

Step 5: It's time to retail your invoice. Click on the funnel icon to retail invoice and upload invoice:

  • Find the location of your EDI invoice and drag the EDI file to the "Retail Purchase Window"

  • Once EDI invoice file is dragged and dropped, select the file type to be "Electronic Invoice"

  • On the "Add New Items" window, you will be able to view the new items in the file

  • Select the department name for each item, the price and you will automatically get the margin

  • Ensure the box next to the margin field is checked marked after entering details

  • When done click on retail item.

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