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Uploading excel file to PDI CStore Essentials
Uploading excel file to PDI CStore Essentials
Written by Roman c Arguello
Updated over a week ago

When setting up your initial price book, PDI CStore Essentials can import files from excel. To do this, use the PDI CStore Essentials excel file format. To import items from excel follow these steps:

Step 1: Build out the CSV or excel file

NOTE: The column headers must be with the same naming convention identified here. This cannot be any different otherwise the file will fail to upload. See the sample CSV file here

Step 2: Upload CSV file to your PDI CStore Essentials Account:

  1. Log into your PDI CStore Essentials account on your back office computer

  2. Click on "β€˜Store Settings" to go to the "Get started" page. [?]

  3. Click on "Setup/sync my Pricebook" link [?]

  4. Select "Upload your Pricebook file" option and drag and drop or find the file and upload it into PDI CStore Essentials. Give it about 10 minutes for the upload to complete. [?]

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