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Gas Tank Mappings into Daily Reports
Gas Tank Mappings into Daily Reports
Written by Alvin Prasla
Updated over a week ago

CStore Essentials integrates with your VeederRoot to bring your end of day gallon inventory and in tank fuel position automatically into your daily reports.

The way the integration works is via your POS system. This means that your VeederRoot will need to be properly connected to your POS and your POS will need to get configured to generate a .xml to the backoffice BoOutBox directory. You may need to work with the local tech to get this done.

Once your VeederRoot and POS is properly configured, follow these steps to get the data automatically pulled into your CStoreEssentials Day reports

1. Log in to your CStore Essentials account with owner level access.

2. Go to POS Data, Settings

3. Click on the tab that says Tank Mappings

4. Click on the β€œ+” button on the top right side to add a mapping, here you will need to enter a Tank ID, the CStoreEssentials Day report field you would like to map the Tank ID to, and the name of the mapping. Do this for all fuel tanks in your store.

Please note that its not necessary that the number of tanks in your store be the same as the number of fuel grade. This is because your fuel grade could be blended with 2 tanks.

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