Signing up for ITG Scan Data Reporting
Written by Alvin Prasla
Updated over a week ago

Because ITG uses the same data processor for scan data processing as MSA, the requirements for scan data are exactly the same as RJ Reynolds. Thus, once you are setup with RJR Scan data program, the signup for ITG is very simple. Please note that with CStoreEssentials, you must be setup for RJR Scan data in order to participate in ITG scan data program.

If you have not yet setup with RJR, please configure your RJR scan data reporting first. If you are already sending files to RJR, simply notify your ITG account rep that you are already submitting to RJR. Your rep will notify MSA (the data processor) who will do whats needed to get them on ITG scan data. No changes need to be made on CStoreEssentials side.

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