Add Tax Rates into Verifone/POS-Register

Steps to Add Tax Rate:

  1. Login into Verifone - 'Petroleum/C-Store Control Center'
  2. Go to Store Operations
  3. Select Payment
  4. Click Tax Rates Tab
  5. Enter Name and Rate for required Tax Rate and
  6. Click Save

To Assign Added Tax Rate to existing Department, follow below Steps:

  1. Go to Store Operations
  2. Select Merchandise
  3. Click Departments
  4. Find and Select particular 'Department'
  5. On the right find Taxes option and Click Edit button
  6. Check the required Taxes and Click Done
  7. Click Save to update Department

*The given article is to help you with basic information, as a courtesy.

For any further questions or concerns regarding Verifone/POS-Register please call Verifone Help Desk.

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