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Add House Account into Passport Register
Add House Account into Passport Register

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Steps to create customer account sales for passport

Step: 1 : You need to create customer account on register

(On your main Passport POS terminal go to Manager Workstation -> Setup -> Store ->

Local account -> click on add )


The given Steps is to help you with basic information, as a courtesy.

For any further questions or concerns regarding Gilabraco-Register please call Gilbarco Help Desk.

Step: 2 : Login to your PDI Cstrore Essentials Account

Go to other entries-> settings-> Customer account sales .

Step: 3 : You can make it under POS data -> settings-> Customer account

sales you need to put id whatever you has created on passport register and map It.

Step:4 : It will automatically come to day closing -> Store reports automatically.

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