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How to Add Department into Gilbarco Passport
How to Add Department into Gilbarco Passport

Steps to Add Department into Gilbarco Passport POS-Register

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By adding departments into PDI CStore Essentials; will not add departments to your POS-Register. It is recommended to first Add departments into your POS system, this will allow us to Add or Auto Sync it under PDI CStore Essentials with the same Department ID.

See the steps below and learn how to add the departments for Gilbarco Passport Systems,

Step 1: On your main passport station, go to Manager Workstation -> Setup -> Store -> Department Maintenance.

Step 2: Click on the Add button on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Follow the steps to creating the department and click on Save button once done.

Note: if its a payout department (i.e. lottery/lotto payout be sure to mark department as negative. Also On "Network Product Code" leave the default that is already there, which should be the number 400, if it is not labeled fill it in with the number 400. Lastly, for the option labeled "May Appear as POS Department Key" Make sure it is check marked, if it is not go ahead and check the option. )

*The given article is to help you with basic information, as a courtesy.

For any further questions or concerns regarding Gilbarco Passport/POS-Register please call Gilbarco Help Desk.

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