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invalid response status-4 (Login Error)
invalid response status-4 (Login Error)

Error while trying to login into CStore Essentials Mobile App

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invalid response status-4:

Error while trying to login into CStore Essentials Mobile App.

The CSE Account/User may have gone through some recent changes or update, it may require refresh. We should be able to fix the above error by just doing Password Reset.

Try below steps,

  1. Login into your CStore Essentials Account, (with Owner/Supervisor/Manager access)

  2. Click on the human-shadow icon on the Top-Right corner

  3. Select Manage my Store

  4. Go to Users

  5. Find the particular User and on the right click on [/] Change Password button

  6. "Enter New Password" and Click on Reset Password button

  7. Click OK

  8. Once done with Password Reset, try login into Mobile App with the New Password, this should fix the problem.

*If you have any further questions or need help on this, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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