Data auto generates into Passport Register's Shared Folder, i.e. \\XMLGateway\

If register fails to do so for some reason, use below Steps to Manual Repoll


• Go to your Passport Register (main Primary WorkStation)

• Login into the Manager WorkStation, using the highest level access

• Select the following tabs: Manager Workstation > Setup > Store > Back Office > XML Repoll Files

• Select the required Date&Time, for the Day Close you are trying to Repoll

• Make sure Store Close and Repoll All Configuration Files are selected

• Click OK

• Give it few mins and all the Repolled Day Close files should get processed and upload automatically into your CStore Essentials Account.

• Incase if Register does not have Day Close Backup for any particular Date, it will indicate via. Message like "No matches found for selected date"

*By Default Passport Register keeps Day Close Backup for last 6 to 7 Days.

Feel free to reach CSE Support, if you need any further help or required clarification.

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