Linked Items are associated to a parent item. A linked item may be a fee. If a parent item is sold, any linked item is automatically sold as well.

And example of a linked item is a bottle deposit.

You must create a bottle fee record for each distinct fee amount required.

You set up each bottle fee as a distinct PLU item and then link it to the bottled product PLU. This way the deposit fee is automatically applied every time the bottled product is sold.

Add Bottle Fee (Do not Add under CSE Price Book, if already Added on POS-Register)

1. Login into your CStore Essentials Account,

2. Go To Price Book >

3. Select Items >

4. Click on “+” or add new item

5. Enter at least 4 digit manual PLU like 1001, 1002, 1003 etc.

6. SET Item Name like .10 Cents, Department like Bottle Deposit or Non Tax, Tax Type to Non Tax, and Fee under Retail Price. Note: other fields are not required.

7. Click on Add Item

Map Bottle Fee (If Bottle Fee already Added on POS-Register, use same Scan Code)

1. Go To POS Data >

2. Select Settings >

3. Go To Linked Code and Click on “+” or add new item

4. Enter Scan code and Item Name, e.g. 1001 and ".10 Cents"

5. Click Add

Link Bottle Fee

  • Once the Bottle Fee is been Add and Map, can now be Linked to any Department Items under PDI-CSE Price Book, like Beverages.

  • while Add/Update Item use Linked Item option, the drop-down will show all available bottle fee

  • Can be Linked while updating by Individual Item or by Bulk Update

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